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The harvesters are paid good wages, and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life. What joy awaits both the planter and the harvester alike! (John 4:36 NLT)

Aah yes! Harvest. That thing that so many of us are working towards, pressing into, declaring.

Harvest. Finally the fruit we have been waiting for. Joy and blessing in abundance. Celebrations unequaled.

The whole concept of harvest is a major New Testament theme, central to the Kingdom, yet so often misunderstood. Preachers of the Kingdom life often use the term freely in their quest to encourage their hearers to be Kingdom minded, to grasp the things of the Kingdom, to experience the Kingdom here and now. Sadly the end result is far from what is taught by Jesus. The principles of sowing and reaping in our personal lives emphasized to the point where true Kingdom harvest is forgotten.

And so too many miss out on this abundance that God has on offer.

Kingdom harvest is about one thing only – bringing people to eternal life.

The principles of sowing and reaping do stand. However this is not a crop we have planted. It is not a harvest grown from our seed that we sow. This is a crop that has sprung up out of the incorruptible seed that died and was buried. This is God’s own seed that He gave and from which has come forth life.

The harvest therefor belongs to the Lord. Jesus calls Him the Lord of the Harvest.

It is not a harvest we work for, says Jesus, but a harvest in which we share by grace. It is however a harvest that we are called to work in. We are taught to ask the Lord to send us out to be a part of bringing it in, to work as harvesters who have had no previous activity in bringing the crop to a point of readiness. The harvest is there for the reaping just waiting for us to step in.

It is not a harvest that meets our needs but a harvest that glorifies its Lord. The angels celebrate, all heaven rejoices and the trees of the fields clap their hands with each swing of the sickle. The Kingdom celebrating each person brought in.

And we the workers go out in joy. The joy of the Lord being our strength and our portion. His joy at each salvation shared with us. The pure pleasure of  seeing the lost found, the prodigal returning, the dead rising and the blind seeing. The eternal gratification of having been used by God for the fulfillment of His purposes. The privilege of taking people by the hand and bringing them into the presence of God. Salvation belongs to the Lord but He lets you do it.

The reaper sharing the joy of the sower as if it was our own harvest to rejoice in. Our wages paid without fail. Blessing upon blessing.

Let us look around. Look at the world and begin to see true Kingdom possibility. People all around us just dying to be saved. The Seed planted and the age prepared for every knee to bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. See in this depraved world a harvest white with readiness.

And pray the Lord of the harvest will send in workers to bring it in. Make yourself available for Him to use. Jump up and down in front of Him shouting your willingness out to Him. Your prayer not that others will do it, but that He will use you.

Shout out the availability of your finances. Give that the work can be funded. Give it unto the Lord. Let Him use it. Give to those that go. Feed the preachers. Put shoes on those that walk to the far end of the fields. Take care of the families that camp out in the fields. Make sure those who go have no cares or burdens.

Shout out the testimony you have. Be as the sun to the sunflower making the heads of the lost turn towards you that they might see Jesus and be plucked into His grace.

Shout out your time. Use every moment ensuring that none are lost due to your slothfulness. Catching each ripe soul before it rots.

Shout out your authority. Intercede. Pray for protection and strength to ward off the thief who tries to steal the harvest.

Walk out into the harvest. Parade yourself in the fields as sons of the owner. Picking each one as if it was your own. Urging others on to work while there is time.

True harvest. Kingdom harvest. Lasting harvest. Swing the sickle for the Harvest is ripe.






Psalm 25 – Why should I?

I’ve thrown in my lot with you; You won’t embarrass me, will you? Or let my enemies get the best of me? Don’t embarrass any of us Who went out on a limb for you. It’s the traitors who should be humiliated.

preach it

Why should I? Why should I tell others about Christ? Why should I do Evangelism? Why should I pray for and financially support evangelical missions and ministries?

Good question and so many asking it.

I am anointed. I am called. I have been given to the church. So then it is my ministry and the rest of you can just get on with receiving all the blessings you can gather.


David sums it up so nicely for us. Firstly reminding us of what God has done for us. How much of a big thing is that in your life? Do you see that salvation is the greatest miracle ever done? Is your salvation the most important thing in your life? Are you fully aware of what happened when you threw your lot in with God?

Surely then that alone should excite you to the point that you need to share your experience. Even if you never talk to people with the express purpose of leading them to the Lord you have so much to tell. Just meeting people that are in the same boat as you were before you got born again must constantly remind you of what God has done for you and inspire you to tell them.

If an outsider looks at your life and asks you how you do it, do you tell them all about your spiritual discipline, the prophet of the day, how much you give, how to prophecy? Or do you tell them how you came into a right relationship with God?

As I consider what the Lord did for me on the cross I want to grab every opportunity to praise Him by telling others.

Secondly David reminds us that this Gospel is for all who believe. Do you know people who don’t believe? I do and it pains me. It pains me to see family and neighbours desperate for lack of God in their lives. It pains me to see people suffering at the hand of dead religion. It pains me to see people in such lack simply because they don’t know Jesus. If you know that God will receive them just as He did you, are you not motivated to tell them?

And lastly David reminds us of the fate of the unrighteous. They are going to hell. We don’t preach fear or want people to get religion out of fear but I tell you what, it puts fear in me. The thought of all the people around me going to hell scares me. The thought that some in my family, some where I live, many where I walk the streets are destined for hell makes me fear for them. Urgently someone needs to tell them the Good news of Jesus Christ. You can! You know it.

You don’t have to go out on the streets or travel to the dark places I go but as you go make disciples. Why should you?

What could stop you? What is greater than what God has done?

Psalm 10 – Is that so?

The wicked snub GOD, their noses stuck high in the air. Their graffiti are scrawled on the walls: “Catch us if you can!” “God is dead.”
They care nothing for what you think; if you get in their way, they blow you off.

knocking over

They are so arrogant. Think they are so much better than you. They look down at you and mock you. They ridicule your faith.

They give the impression that they are having much better lives than you. They are succeeding. They can do and buy what they want. No one can tell them anything.

The lie of the Devil has engulfed them. The deceit has taken them captive. They have fallen for the oldest trick in the book.

But how can they say “God is dead”? Arise church! Arise Christian! Show forth the life of Christ in you that the living God can be manifest before them. No amount of talking will change their opinion. No amount of judgement will change their attitude. The only thing that will turn them around is the appearance of the God they say is dead.

Adam and Eve fell for the same lie and thought it was good until God turned up. Shall we not carry the living God into the midst of the arrogant and let them be confronted by what they see. Don’t be afraid to cause them to be ashamed. Don’t be hesitant to cause them to fear. God did it to Adam just by walking in the garden. You too can do it just by your walk.

Oh believer if your neighbour thinks God is dead then I urge you today to run back into your closet. Not to hide but to renew your relationship with God. To be filled with His Spirit and power. To be filled with life. So when you venture back outside those laughing at you from their palaces will suddenly be faced with the living God Himself.

God can never be dead as long as He lives in you.

No one listens to you. You have told them about Jesus but they ignore you. You have threatened them. You have promised them prosperity. You have claimed your higher place. You have demonstrated your humility but they just brush you aside.

Well they can claim God is dead. They can laugh in your face. They can be arrogant. But when God shows up they will fall to their knees. Will He show up today or are you covering your head waiting for one day?

The answer is in you. Let Christ appear. Let the Living God be seen. Let the power of God be demonstrated. Let the glory of God overshadow all.

Its all about how the world sees you. Only you, hidden in Christ, one with Christ, you in Him and Him in you, a new creation, no longer you but Christ living in you can make the world see Christ. It is the Spirit of Christ in you that the Father uses to draw men.

Let your life answer this lie by an arrogance of your own. An arrogance based on who you are in Christ. Don’t cringe and be blown off by those claiming the lie. Step up. Push out your chest. Raise your arms and say “Is that so?”

Watch what happens.