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 I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13 NLT)

As children of God it should be our constant habit to run to our Father whenever we need anything. After all He can do all things and has promised us these things and has proved beyond a doubt how faithful he is in keeping His promises.

So we trust and rely on Him for all we need and desire. Our daily bread. Our jobs, our homes, our families, our successes, our health. Giving Him thanks and praise for the normal things of life (at least I hope you do)

Like David we tell the world that the Lord is the source of all our joy (Ps 43:4).

But there are times in our lives when we need more than the normal. When the cupboard of God’s provision seems to have become empty. When our health is suddenly not good. We have no prospect of a job. A relationship seems forever destroyed. When we find ourselves in a place that no “normal” can give us escape from. A place where  ungodly men would dig deeper and deeper into their own strength and turn on themselves in despair when even that runs out.

Make a plan! Do something! Turn in any and every direction seeking help!

Yet nothing works. The deeper you dig the deeper the hole. Hunger weakens you. Illness seems to rule rampantly. Whatever the situation it is bigger than any answer you can see.

You pray and you pray and then you pray some more. Others are praying with you and for you. Still you cannot think of any way that this can be resolved.

There is nothing.

When God is your source that is not a scary thought.

We serve a miracle working God. We serve the creator of the heavens and the earth. We serve the God who created all things out of nothing. It is our Lord through whom and by whom all things exist, Jesus, the source of all life who has made it possible to come to the Father in the first place.

He doesn’t need anything to be able to do what we need. We need a miracle – he does them.

The human mind seeks answers. It calculates and searches back and forth. Depression, denying God often the outcome.

When God is your source the mind renewed by the Holy Spirit is filled with joy and peace. The hopeless void replace by hope above and beyond all hope. His Spirit quietens the voices in your head, removes the questions and holds your vision fixed on Him

When God is your source we need to embrace that void that is created where there is no hope. Realizing and celebrating the fact that it is where we are devoid of plans, where we are not trying to manipulate or bring influence that God will do His greatest work

.Its not easy as it sounds, especially the more desperate your situation but be assured that just by His Word your need will be met. Just by His Word your answer, your breakthrough, your miracle already exists.

Look into the void and see what you are calling as if it were. Look into the nothing and be blessed in the knowledge that it is there that God will do it for you.

When God is you source……….

nothing matters.



Psalm 14 – Dreams

Night is coming for them, and nightmares, for God takes the side of victims.
Do you think you can mess with the dreams of the poor? You can’t, for God makes their dreams come true.


 Ah! Dreams. We all have them.

For some dreams of grandeur. Dreams that stem from selfish desire and based on personal gain. The need for fame and fortune.

For others dreams that are just garbage. Junk. Pizza dreams. Our imaginations stirred and disturbed by the physical.

For others nightmares. Fear rising up. The fear of failure. The fear of the physical.

And then there are the dreams of the poor. Dreams the Psalmist says you cant mess with. What makes them different?

Simply this. When Jesus said he came to bring good news to the poor it wasn’t about earthly wealth. It was about hope. He came to give you and I, the broken, the hopeless something that we can take hold of as sure and certain in our lives. He came to bring abundance. He came to make the wealth of the Kingdom available.

The dreams of the poor are influenced by one thing and one thing only. The Word of God. As God by His Spirit stirs up an appreciation of, and faith in His promises,  you have a picture of the future. Asleep or awake your mind can clearly see through the fog a life that God has chosen and secured for you. You can see yourself there.

God’s word carries you forward into what would have been the unknown by making it known to you. The eyes of your spirit showing you what they can see. The dream, the picture of future reality.

The dreams of the poor are not the simple desires of the poor. They are the poor realising the desires of God for them.

Is it any wonder then that this passage tells us that God makes the dreams of the poor come true. God has spoken to men through dreams since the beginning. Revealing Himself, His desire, His will. He is not “answering” or responding to your dreams, he is giving them to you. He is reminding you of what he has, is and is going to do.

Let the poor say I am rich is not about your bank account. It is about your dreams. It is about seeing what God has in store for you. The rich have nightmares about loosing what they have. The poor have dreams of having what God wants for them.

Dream the dreams of the poor. Let the Word of God speak to you and reveal God’s promises in action in your life. Look to them and take hold of what they offer. Check them against the record of the Word. They are of God.

God will do what he says he will do. Dream. Dream big. The bigger the dream, the more you see the promises for yourself, the more God is able.

Dream the impossible dream. God has given it to you so it will become possible when you can see it.

Psalm 14 – Let us pray

Don’t they know anything, all these impostors? Don’t they know they can’t get away with this- Treating people like a fast-food meal over which they’re too busy to pray?


Prayer – the core element of Christian life. The meat in our relationship with God.

Prayer – the activity Jesus was so busy with. The power exchange between Him and the Father.

Prayer – The aspect of Christian life that has a direct instruction manual.

Prayer – The only thing that moves God into action.

Is it any wonder that the New Testament talks so much of prayer? Encouraging above all the prayer for others. Calling on us to make a meaningful difference in the world, changing circumstances, interceding for people and governments, bringing God into everyday life.

It used to be that prayer was also the central focus of the church. People congregated to pray. Groups of believers joining together in agreement for the desire to see God change the world around them. Prayer meetings were just that but every meeting was in a way a prayer meeting. People went to attend prayer and even had specially printed prayer books to help them. In a normal Worship service, Sunday meeting a major part of the Liturgy was prayer.

How that has changed. Performance has taken centre stage. Ministry now simply means a public display by the leaders of their gifts and “anointing”. Church has become a different experience where people go to receive blessing as individuals but seldom be a blessing as a group. Preach an awesome word. Deliver a powerful prophecy. Lay hands on some. These are now the marks of a good meeting and prayer has slipped into the cracks. In many services today there is no public or corporate prayer at all.

Prayer seeks to put in rather than get out. Prayer seeks to focus on God rather than on self. Prayer lifts up others above our own needs. Yet prayer puts you in the most central position of all in the Throne room of God. Through prayer you are the incense that stirs God’s senses.

Private prayer, closet prayer is vital to your spiritual health. Spending time talking to your Father, bearing your soul to Him and allowing Him to speak into your life is the only way you can grow and sustain your spiritual life.

Corporate prayer, public prayer is vital to the health of the Body. The body is never more united than when it kneels down together and says “Our father”.  Recognising its head and its life blood. Pulling as it were the very being of God into its midst. The church is never more powerful than when their agreement accomplishes its purpose.

But the greatest prayer flows out of these two when prayers are prayed for others. When the individual and the body, aware of the position they have before God, reach out for the good and welfare of others.When your prayers place you so in God’s presence that you cannot but bring the world before him and plead for it.

Prayer changes governments. Prayer changes people. Prayer saves. Prayer sets free. Prayer provides. Prayer heals. Prayer protects. Prayer opens doors. Prayer changes the world.

Shouldn’t we have more prayer going on? Shouldn’t we personally be praying more? Shouldn’t prayer return to the heart of ministry? Shouldn’t prayer form the basis of Church life?

Let us pray. Let us kneel down. Let us change the world. Let us Pray. Let us hear the thunder of God. Let us bring the power of God to work in our favour. Let us pray.

Put prayer back where it belongs. Let us pray. As Paul often writes “I am praying for you, please pray for me”

Psalm 12 – Pure Words

God’s words are pure words, Pure silver words refined seven times In the fires of his word-kiln, Pure on earth as well as in heaven


You can manipulate the Bible to say anything you want to. You can use it or abuse it to support your own theories. You can cut it, twist it, misrepresent it until it fits your design. You can teach it in ways that give it a whole different meaning. It is a book of many words that can be separated or combined to read anything you like.

Every doctrine, whether true or false, man made or Biblical is based on the Bible. Cults and false forms of Christianity are based on Bible. The same scriptures can be used to teach opposites with simple exercise. You can force the Bible into any shape or Theology.

But when you realise that what God has given you in the Bible is not a book of Word’s but rather is Him personally speaking to you, that what you have are God’s Words, everything changes

God’s Words cannot be manipulated, used or forced to achieve any outcome other than the pure intent of the Word.

Whatever man has done with the Bible over the years has always at some point been challenged and disputed. Scholars argue without end proving others wrong or claiming their own accuracy. Inevitably these things become exposed and fall away. But the pure meaning of God’s Word has stood for eternity.

The difference is that God’s word has been tried and tested. Refined by itself. The Word teaching the Word and confirming the Word. The Word doing what the Word says it will do. It is not concerned with man’s preconceived ideas but continually speaks the heart and mind of God. Untried teachings of man will fail but the Word of God will always accomplish its goal.

The Word of God is not always the popular word. It won’t always draw the crowd. The Word however remains the first and final authority in the Kingdom of God. What God has given us in His words is and will ever be.

Isaiah tells us that the words of God are our teachers. Jesus gives us His own Spirit to remind us of His words. God has given us men to teach us His words. Certainly God wants you to know and have His words living inside you. That way He knows you will always be in the centre of His will.

The heavens and the earth exist because of God’s words. When he spoke they were formed. They are sustained by His command and they still tremble at the sound of His voice.

You can trust the Word always. The living Word that can speak no falsehood. The Word that is pure and uncomplicated. God has a Word for you right now. There is always something He wants to tell you, wants you to know. God always wants to communicate His love to you, lead you in His presence.

His intervention, His provision, His faithful promises. PURE WORD

Psalm 12 – Follow your leader

Everyone talks in lie language; Lies slide off their oily lips. They doubletalk with forked tongues.
Slice their lips off their faces! Pull The braggart tongues from their mouths!
I’m tired of hearing, “We can talk anyone into anything! Our lips manage the world.”


Mohammed convinced millions of people around the world to follow his teachings. Muslims will steal, rape, plunder, and murder in the name of their religion. Buddha convinced millions of people around the world to follow his teachings. People do funny things and live in remote temples to uphold the teaching. Hitler convinced vast numbers of Germans and others to follow his teachings.They blindly let themselves become guilty of the most horrific acts of war and human rights violations. Mao Tse Tung convinced millions of people to live by his teachings. Billions of people were forced into oppression and poverty. Leaders of various cults have convinced people to commit suicide by the thousands.

Hard to imagine how easily man has been fooled into following these teachings. Is man just generally stupid and gullible? Or is there something missing in the world that makes man clutch at passing fads. Is man just so disillusioned with the world around him that he desperately wants to accept a way out?

In each case one man convincing the masses. So it wasn’t just the people but the skill of the deceiver, the dynamic convincing, the appropriate application and the character of the man standing in front.

Were these men filled with and inspired by the Holy Spirit? Were these men ruling and reigning in the Kingdom of God? Are these men to be honoured and hailed as successful? Are there any examples we should be following?

Clearly the answer must be NO, so where did they get their power? There must be something wrong when such masses of people will allow a single person the power they gave these men.

We look inside the church today and see something similar happening. Men rising up as great leaders. People travelling thousands of Kilometres to hear them or be touched by them or get a “word” from them. The masses proclaiming the individuals as the “anointed”. All hope that is based on the Word and promises of God now place on individual men. People believing in the healing power of God but only accepting its probability if administered by the right man. People following Kingdom principals but only expecting a positive outcome if they give abundance to one man. People wanting to believe in the supernatural power of God but only satisfied as they find it in one man.

And men love it. They seek the success. They seek the fortune and fame and huge followings. And because they have a church title they hold themselves up as the light and focus point of many. Again through powerful preaching, clever deception, staged productions, loud shouting and wailing, whatever it takes, even demonic assistance to convince the followers that they are truly the anointed, Spirit filled, set apart most high servants of God.

The foundation for this phenomena is laid by the church becoming a form of religion without power. When the church itself has no effect on morality, men will take control of the people through law. When the church itself has no effect on repentance, men will take hold of it with fear. Where there is no manifestation of the Holy Spirit, men will take hold of it by trickery. When the church is not following Jesus, men will take hold of it for themselves. When the church cannot offer anything more than the world, men will take hold of it through tickling their ears.

There was one man 2000 years ago who started a mass following. God had promised He would come. The prophets prophesied of His coming. All of scripture pointed to Him. And when He came He was anointed and made Lord over all. He ticked all the boxes that men try to fill today. How is that then different?

He never claimed to anything for Himself but became a servant to the revelation of God. He turned people from looking to man and looking to God instead. When you see Him you don’t see a big successful, wealthy, popular figure. No when you look at Him you see the Father.

Lets make Him the one we are following. He will take us the right way

Psalm 8 – You!

GOD, brilliant Lord, your name echoes around the world.

Norman preaching

Two New Testament commissions”. GO MAKE DISCIPLES and BE MY WITNESSES.

The first is through the Word and the second is by His Spirit.

The authority of God transferred to your mouth and the power of His presence installed in you.

The perfect echo maker.

How many will read this and immediately shout Amen? Glory! Hallelujah! Yes Praise God.

And then sit back waiting for others to do it. How many will say it’s not their calling? How many will say it is not in their nature? How many are too shy and nervous? How many look to their Pastors and other leaders to do it on their behalf?

And yet these commissions are not given to just a few. They are given to all. The gifts of the Spirit may vary and the gifts to the church may differ but they serve one purpose. To form and build up a body that will carry it’s head in the world.

Again and again it must be remembered that the echoing of His name in all the earth does not have it’s source in man. Man does not initiate or define the sound, that comes straight from God. It is His brilliance, His Glory, His power, His love, His grace. It is He who is so magnificent that He continues to bounce His reflection, echo His Name off man.

Man needs no human qualification. Man needs no human authority. Man needs no recognition from other men. No special calling, no special gifts, no personal revelation, no spiritual growth, no courses, God cannot use any of those things to His glory unless God can use the man.

God wants YOU!

Many people don’t know where to start. They need instruction. Well Jesus has given you all the instruction you need. He gave a new commandment that summed it all up. LOVE THE LORD YOU GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART.

The one who does this will, without any prompting, begin singing the praises of God. His Word will be in your heart and on your lips. His authority will glow around you as you bask in the love relationship. Having the Word dwelling in you is not as much for personal growth as it is to live it out before the world.

AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF. How can you look at your neighbour, see him lost, see him sick, see him in bondage and leave him like that when you are filled with the power to change and save his life. Being filled with the Spirit is not as much for your personal enjoyment as it is to be able to echo God into the lives of those you love – all men everywhere.

There are evangelists, church planters, doers of good works who go to the ends of the earth focusing on spreading the Gospel. There are preachers and ministers of grace who teach. There are those who dedicate their lives to the healing of the sick and working the miracles of God, but only you can echo His name where you are.

How loud is the echo of His name off your life? Do those around you know what you believe? Do you allow Him to live through you? Do those in your proximity experience grace and love and power when you are around?

How loud is His echo in your neighbourhood? Are you part of the local church? Do you add yourself to be used as part of the body? Active in the ministry of the church? Serving the community?

How far can the  echo be heard? Are you going to the ends of the earth in person, through prayer and by financially supporting ministry that does?

God wants you. You are strategically placed and equipped to be the perfect echo.